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Terrance Gavan

Dagmar’s 2015 Instructor of the Year!

Terrance Gavan is a ski and snowboard instructor, coach, web designer and raconteur.terrytrans450

He is happiest when happy, and if you think about it… you’ll realize that tidbit is not redundant… because we’re all happier when we’re happy.

Smile and juke and jive. Terrance Gavan is a career journalist who has written for a number of newspapers since he began writing oh… about 30 years back. He has won some awards for writing and photography but modesty and old age prevents him from listing them. He is working on a book about growing up. It’s due out? When he finally does… grow up, that is. We are thinking 2021. Hoping for 2025. Let’s not rush this thing. Growing up, that is.

Gav has taught over
Ski and Snowboard Lessons... and counting.

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Terry works out of Dagmar Resort in beautiful Uxbridge, Ontario. He came to Dagmar from Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike in Haliburton. Prior to that Gav taught at Panorama Resort in Invermere, BC and at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Fairmont, BC. Terry received his level one coach (CSCF) at Sunshine Village and his Level Two Ski (CSIA) at Lake Louise. He is also a certified Snowboard Instructor (CASI) and he remains a doddering but proud holder of a Park and Pipe Cert. Gav will be travelling to Whistler at the end of the season to take his Level 3 CSIA course.

The number at Dagmar Resort is 905-649-2002. If you would like to book me for a lesson? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! Just phone that number and wait for the prompt to the ski school. Just tell whoever answers the phone that you would like to book Terry for a lesson. I am available 7 days a week.

Dagmar is located on 1220 Lakeridge Rd, Ashburn, Ontario. Phone 905-649-2002 and wait for the prompt to the ski school.

Special Needs

Terry has a client base which includes a number of special needs kids and adults.

While working with Track Three in Haliburton (Now CADS Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing) Terrance taught several clients one legged (three track) skiing and at Dagmar Terry maintains a solid base of clients with disabilities including kids diagnosed with autism and aspbergers. Patience and understanding of the spectrum is integral to getting these kids (and adults) comfortable on snow. Above all! It’s our goal to teach these kids to accept achievements and to fall in love with the freedom, exhilaration and joy we all receive from letting it go… downhill!

We rock, they rock… we all rock… on snow!
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