An award-winning Canadian Journalist and Photographer. A fine Web Editor. A graphic and web designer with serious skills. If you need a web presence?

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Terrance Gavan Rocks!

Dagmar Instructor of the Year 2015!

Sir Sam’s Instructor of the Year – 2007

Panorama Mountain Resort – Top Performer Award – 2000

AT&T WorldNet Services – Above and Beyond Award – 1999

Ski Instruction

We love to teach people to Ski... It's a pretty delightful ride!

We Do It at Dagmar!

Yes, we teach at Dagmar Ski Resort in Ontario, Canada. Just north of Toronto, Dagmar is a number one ski destination in central Ontario!

Writing Editing

Yes, Gav has written for a number of papers full time and on contract.

Terrance Gavan Blogs

Writing is only drudge if you don’t enjoy the parts of you that make up the core of your content. Put some of you into it and it’s transformative!

Web Design

Terrance Gavan took a hobby and turned it into a venture.

Spunky Design Web Works... Does... Work that is!

Yes we do take on several projects per year. We also volunteer our designs to community organizations. Passing it on!!

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“Better pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age.”

— James Joyce

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