Terrance Gavan

Dagmar Snow School Instructor of the Year – 2015

Terrance Gavan is an award-winning journalist and photographer, a ski and snowboard instructor, web designer, blogger, graphics guy, WordPress guru and eclectic millennial.

He is happiest when happy, and if you think about it… you’ll realize that tidbit is not redundant… because we’re all happier when we’re happy.

Terrance Gavan is a career journalist who has written for a number of newspapers since he began writing oh… about 30 years back. He has won some awards for writing and photography but modesty and old age prevents him from listing them. He is working on a book about growing up. It’s due out? When he finally does… grow up, that is. We are thinking 2021. Hoping for 2025. Let’s not rush this thing. Growing up, that is.


Writer and Editorterrytrans450

Online News Editor, Blogger and Web Editor

  • Terrance Gavan is an award-winning poet, journalist and photographer. He began his writing career at the University of Manitoba, writing for the Manitoban. He went on to serve as sports editor of the Toban and also worked as a freelance writer for The Winnipeg Sun, United Press Canada, CJOB Radio, CBC Radio Sports, TSN and finally accepted a position as Sports Information Director at the University of Manitoba.

  • From there he moved on to work as sports editor for four publications in the Interlake Publishing chain. It was here where Gavan cemented his bona fides as an award-winning journalist, winning an environmental award for a piece on lead poisoning in Canada Geese populations. That story gained national notoriety when it was picked up by CBC Radio. He won several sports and news photography awards while at Interlake and he was part of a team that covered the Interlake Fire Disaster, a news story that finished second nationally at the CCNA awards.

  • From there he went on to take a position as managing editor of the Kanata Kourier and Kanata Standard newspapers located in the greater Ottawa area. His most recent journalistic jaunts occured in cottage country, specifically the Haliburton Highlands, where he worked for The County Communicator, The County Voice, The Haliburton Echo, The Minden Times and The Haliburton Highlander. He designed websites for The Voice, The Communicator and The Highlander Online and served as the web manager, writer and web designer. He was also very involved in the implementation of web advertising at The Highlander Online and convinced a newbie publisher to become involved with video publishing. These innovations and the website, also undertaken singlehanded with no support or payment from the owner/publisher, form the backbone of The Highlander’s success today. His reasons for leaving the Highlander may be obvious to the jaundiced eye, but it’s important to note that his toil in unhealthy workplace milieus constitute Gavan’s dedication to fair employment for all working stiffs today.

  • He now operates several successful blogs including Pardon The Eruption, The Shrike, DeadDogan, Aintgointorehab, StephenHarpershrugs and he has written for several hockey blogs.


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