Terrance Gavan… Journalist, Snow Mentor, Photographer, Designer and Poet!  Word Ninja.

Terrance Gavan is eclectic. An everyman in an age where niche is king. Not to be cantankerous, but perhaps because he is on a mission to achieve what might be called an anachronistic solvency with nature. Should be taken with a grain of salt. With blood-pressure warning of course!



Alpine Snow Pro Terrance works out of Dagmar Resort in Uxbridge Ontario. He has also worked out of Panorama Resort in Invermere, BC, Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Fairmont BC and at Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike in Haliburton Ontario.
Journalist and Editor Terrance began his writing career at the University of Manitoba. He is an award winning Canadian journalist and photographer. He has worked for CBC, TSN, CJOB, the Winnipeg Sun, Interlake Publishing, United Press, Canadian Press and has been involved in newspaper management as both a Managing Editor and Sports Editor.
Web and Graphic Design In 2007 Terrance formed his own company: Spunky Design. Today he is the lead designer and a WordPress web developer with a degree in Web Design pending from Ontario’s prestigious Fleming College.

Hawk Wings and daydreams
and sweet childhood dreams
of flying aloft in sweet angel’s streams
your childhood it ends
Before it begins
so grasp hard my friends a
and don’t fear the winds…