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Single payer health care?

Closing Gitmo?

$15 minimum wage?

President Barack Obama’s mic drop at the end of his speech at the correspondent’s dinner was a tad self-congratulatory for a guy who came into an eight year mandate full of hope and change, and who is leaving on a note of nope and cringe.

Obamacare is a bust not because it failed to address concerns of the uninsured and under insured, but because it entrenches private industry in the Yankee health care milieu for generations to come.

It should have been single payer health care, a model that has been adopted by proper western governments for years. Canada, Norway, France, Great Britain and even Cuba have removed the profit motive from health care.

Obama was handcuffed by a Republican Senate but still? Does it forgive his patent disregard for a system of health reform that is just and right. So the president gets an F on health care, despite the advance in American health care taken on with Obamacare.

Gitmo, or Guantanamo Bay, a place time forgot, a prison Obama promised to close in the first year of his mandate in 2009? Is still ignoring human rights, offering torture and the suspension of habeas corpus in the 2000s. Obama failed mightily with Gitmo. The mic drop at the press club gathering? Is blasphemy in the face of the awful legacy of Guantanamo Bay.

And what about people?

Hope and Change was all about people in 2008. Since the election of Hope and Change in 2008, the worker has suffered in America and beyond. It goes beyond the one percent debate. And it goes beyond where wealth is kept.

The middle class is gone. people working two jobs and 60 hours a week are unable to afford rent and food. If wages had kept up to cost of living in North America dating back to the seventies? Canadian minimum wage would be $25 per hour. The Yanks would be paying $20 per hour. Instead? Workers are receiving well under poverty wages.

Obama called Bernie Sanders comrade at the press dinner. Bernie Sanders is fighting for $15 per hour minimum wage. Obama has been incredibly mute on the subject of the decline of the middle class. Dropping the mic? How about dropping the fucking ball? On your own 2-yard line? Not good enough.

Obama killed Osama? Mic drop worthy? Osama Bin Laden was about nine years overdo for a lead-sandwich. So the fact that Obama was in the chair when it happened? Meh! If Osama had bombed the Israeli legislature? The Mossad would have been roasting his butt over a Napoleon BBQ within two months.

Just sayin’, well done Mossad, for giving us all a way out of any argument having to do with efficacy in black ops. The Mossad have never resorted to self-congratulatory mic drops. Not even after Eichmann. The Mossad just follow orders and let the buzzards clean up in their wake.

So yes. The Obama mic drop was an abysmal and smarmy melange of shite from a president who could, alas, have done more.

In front of all this? Obama has done much to improve the general demeanour of the presidential suite. But after Bush? Is that a brag?

Anyway. Obama seems content in this his final year, to blame the shortcomings on the intransigence of the Republican Senate. No one can argue that The GOP is infested with the most vivid array of gobsmacked morons since Walking Dead season one.

To be fair. At least the walkers moved with a purpose. They had goals. Git me some brains!

No so the Republicans. Who could do well to embark on a similar quest… for brains, that is.

But to blame Republican obtuseness for a basic failure to close Gitmo or the continued ambiguity of a profit-driven health care system?

Is just playing the Alfred E Neumann card.

“What? Me Worry?” is not productive and certainly…

Not worthy of a mic drop.

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