Novak Djokovic has no answer to the Querrey at Wimbledon – 3 reasons Nolé blew it

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The Joker is on Novak as Sam Querrey comes up aces


Novak Djokovic is not going to complete the same year slam in 2016 and that is down to Sam Querrey, a guy who just happened to drift in from some extraterrestrial plain to the grass of Wimbledon today.

Was it Querrey’s magnificence or Djokovic’s lack of same that led to the interrupt of excellence?

We will settle on the latter, while plopping due dap upon the gunslinger from America. Djokovic had ample opportunities to break the hard serving Yankee, but nerves, as they will, won the day.

Down two sets to nil and following a rain delay that overtook the night, Djokovic came on the court Saturday afternoon in GBR ready to right the many wrongs that plagued him on Friday.

And indeed, he blew through Querrey in the third set to narrow the margin. In the fourth set Djokovic actually went up a break on the dauntless American before giving it right back in the next game. It will be noted that Djokovic played most of the fourth set without any challenges left and that surely cost him twice, as two balls seemed out, but challenge-less Djokovic was forced to resign himself to a shrug and a glance.

He played nervous in the fourth, settling for putting balls in play instead of rooting himself in the point as is his wont. The nerves continued into the tiebreak where Querrey seemed less than overpowering. Querrey in the end had only to wait for the frayed knots to unravel and unravel they did as the Joker unspooled with a series of very loose shots that led, in the end, to his departure from the tourney that surely was his to own this year.

On the plus side for Canadians, it will be noted that Milos Raonic is in this section of the draw and things just got a whole lot messier with the number one seed dispatched by a guy who will surely never serve so seamlessly again.

All due respect to Querrey here, but surely his service game has never been quite so divine, nor his timing of ace, quite so directed as it was on Saturday at Wimbledon.

Djokovic allowed himself to fall prey to lack of punch, lack of direction and nervousness, some things that will be blamed on the rain-outs, the pressure and the suddenness of Sam.

Surely the lack of challenges and the failure to jump on the 15 or so break chances he had in the fourth set will keep Djokovic up at night for the next little while, and we will never know how much of a factor an Olympics looming had to do with the outcome.

It’s certainly going to open up the field for some speculation and the English Bookies will be scrambling to update their tout lines.

The calendar grand slam?

Just as it happened last year to Serena Williams has proven a diabolical opponent.


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