Ski Line – the ultimate ski turn bend those legs

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I love this video. Not for its pure approach to skiing.

But because the tricks are the trick. And if that sounds redundant? It is.

I learn best when I am tricked into keeping my noodle out of the equation.

Please don’t tell me to pressure the downhill ski.

I know that’s what we do. Zen skiing consists of never letting our mind control what comes naturally. Gravity and moving with a flow.

I am on top of skiing when I am on top of my skis and letting them flow down the hard water falling neath my feet.

So this movie explores why we as instructors use tricks to keep our student’s mind off of the do this.

I do this. But there is a trick and a tip involved. Always is. Always will be. Many tips and many tricks. You want to mess with someone’s golf swing. Start inputting the physics of swing dynamics into your noggin.

Your noodle ain’t programmed that way. It is programmed to do. Not think about what we’re doing. And definitely not to think about why we do it or how I did it.


Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy?

This video will show you… that what I’ve been preaching?

Is gospel.

It’s pure and it is unadulterated. Ski sans spam.

Ski with abandon and as if no one is watching.

Then Kill it Baby!

Kill it!



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