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When is working not working?

When you walk into work with a smile and walk out again with a smile.

That’s a pretty simple formula. It’s de rigueur for most people on the planet. If you like what you do? It ain’t work.terrancegavanwebfront1

The problem is we endure a lot of pain in the butt pursuits in search of that dream. If we hit on the right place at the right time? We no longer endure. We thrive.

I am lucky. I have for the most part been involved in challenging work, where the people are good and the living is easy. I have had jobs in the writing and skiing industry where every day was a good day. Even on the bad days. They were good days.

Even when things went wrong? Things were all right.

I am lucky. Things went pear shaped for me in 1998. But I struggled through. Enjoyed it even. I had my head shrunk on numerous occasions and even that was beautiful. I am attending school at an advanced age. My learning curve is limitless. That’s what I tell myself. Every day. If I could find a way to get paid for going to school… I would sell stuff… my soul, my brain to science, my pre authorized headstone… to get there. If I could go to school, teach skiing and tennis and get paid for that?

There you go. I am there. No tests. No pass or fail. And I could only be in classes that I like. I’m a dreamer, but I’m not an idiot.

And here’s what I realize as I flail away at this bloody keyboard.

I envy the hell out of my dog. Billie Jean gets to do all of that. Has done for years. She watches and learns. That’s about all she does. She blends that with prolonged naps and a certainty that when she awakes?

She will be surrounded by love. Her job?

Well, her job is to provide a target for affection. It’s an integral job. It’s what makes our day.

My job is to ensure that Billie Jean is loved. And she is.

So pretty simple. All things considered.

There are jobs… and then there are uggh… jobs.

We need to pursue a life that allows us recompense while soothing the inner child.

I love designing. I’m crap at it. But I do it over and over with the sodden hope that at some point I will get it. Finally really get it.

Tennis is art. Skiing is poetry. Writing is hard work, unless you love to write. Making a logo is shite. Unless you like making logos.

Designing the perfect picture, from a collage of your photos? Is not work. Getting started on projects is work. But once immersed there are things that take over. That make you forget the passage of time. I can spend two days getting started on a project. But once I’m there… I’m in.

That’s in as in really dug into a funnel that digresses to a tunnel… and the work takes over. The clock still ticks and the white noise is still partially there. I need the white noise. I need something else to be going on. Because when that all disappears into the static… I know by christ i know… That I am working… doing something that no one else can do.

That’s not a job. That will never become a job.

Go out and seek that job. That’s the job you need.

It’s the job I need.

I pursue it with purposeful steps.

I seek it…

If you seek?

You will find.

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