Ski turning – Get rid of that Inner Weirdness says Josh Foster

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Another day another lesson. Why do I learn more by teaching than by doing?

I have no idea if that’s something zen or if it just means that I indulge frequently in mundane self-analysis. I do know that I bring a certain wonkiness to every lesson. I am a ski wonk, which means I like to delve into the why, the how and the id of why skis turn.

In this video with Level IV CSIA instructor Josh Foster we learn that when we edge the ski or the start of the new edging process is probably the most fundamental part of learning to ski better and with more confidence.

The when? Is at the top of the arc. Note that we are presuming that you know what an arc is. So yes, this video is aimed at all skiers but it’s directed at intermediate duffers who know a bit of jargon, but perhaps are not yet grasping the yin and yang of moving onto that new edge.

As Josh says: That all happens at the top of that c or arc. Don’t worry. Josh explains that in the video. For the rest of the lesson Doc Foster takes us through to the completion, where we move onto that new edge and then steer through to completion.

It ain’t that hard and like any good instructor Josh is using visual cues and simple language to get us to our solution.

We ski best when everything moves seamlessly through the turn. Our goal is to make all of that stuff look as effortless as Mr. Foster. That will take a while.

But if we follow the flow of the turn and then get out and do some mileage?

It all works out in the end.

Happy skiing!

From Terrance Gavan.

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