Out to the slopes… teaching for a living

TERRANCE GAVAN - SKI GUY, BLOGGER, IDIOT SAVANT When the water hits the fan? Snow is made. I remember all the nights at Panorama Mountain Village in October, in BC, in fall cum winter where heat from the hot pools spun steam into the air. We might be sitting in the bar. And chatting, or [...]

Working – Not working for us – a treatise on: the job

BY TERRANCE GAVAN - PARDON THE ERUPTION EDITOR When is working not working? When you walk into work with a smile and walk out again with a smile. That's a pretty simple formula. It's de rigueur for most people on the planet. If you like what you do? It ain't work. The problem is we [...]

5 reasons why Genie Bouchard suddenly winning well on clay

Canada's darling Eugenie Bouchard admits to eating disorder and the twitching pangs of pressure TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Pressure. Those of us who have never had to rise to an occasion, those who never played elite sports and those who are incapable of hitting our empathic stride might certainly pooh-pooh the very real physical manifestations that [...]

Johnny Manziel and how life gets in the way

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR PTE.COM (Terrance Gavan is a recovered alcoholic, and his pronouncements should be taken with the obligatory bag of salt... sober since March 20, 1998. Owns the tee-shirt.) There is no one straight path to recovery. A fact that any people currently mired in the muck of this Johnny Football debacle - [...]

Novak Djokovic has no answer to the Querrey at Wimbledon – 3 reasons Nolé blew it

The Joker is on Novak as Sam Querrey comes up aces TERRANCE GAVAN - BLOGGER Novak Djokovic is not going to complete the same year slam in 2016 and that is down to Sam Querrey, a guy who just happened to drift in from some extraterrestrial plain to the grass of Wimbledon today. Was it [...]

Islamic Terrorist? Mass Casualty shooting in Orlando Florida – ‘around 50 dead’ – NRA says “Hold On”

Why is the National Rifle Association on front lines decrying overreaction to another mass shooting? Habit and inertia THE O'BRADAIGH FILES A suspected Islamic extremist wielding an assault rifle and a handgun has killed 49 people after taking party-goers hostage inside a gay club in Orlando. The gunman was carrying a suspicious device, possibly a suicide vest, [...]

Muguruza outhits Serena Williams to take first Grand Slam on red clay

Muguruza played Williams using a steady battery of power, finesse and wondrous shot making to take her place in the pantheon of Grand Slam Dams TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Bouncing on the red brick dust that adorns Centre court at Roland Garros, Gabine Muguruza seemed blissfully unaware that she was on the sublime side of destiny. [...]

Donald Trump not debating Bernie Sanders after all – Trump would lose

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR It's a fair bet that Donald Trump has never imbibed of the glib thrust of verbal joust either informally or formally. But just because Trump hasn't a farthing's dickie about parliamentary discourse does not mean that he doesn't think he'd be just fine in a parlay avec Bernie Sanders, who with [...]