Liberals will build a wall to keep fleeing Americans out of Canada – Liberal convention

9USA residents running from a Trump presidency will be blocked by an electronic wall from entering Canada SEAMUS O'BRADAIGH - O'Bradaigh Matters One of the lesser publicized decisions voted and approved at the recent Liberal Party caucus concerned the construction of a wall that will act as an embargo to American citizens fleeing to Canada to [...]

You needed to know – Justin Trudeau apologizes for all of his apologies

By Terrance Gavan "I have apologized for my actions and now... I am apologizing for apologizing for my actions," says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who adds that he is taking quite a bit of flak from quite a few Canadians who are just, quite frankly, sick and tired of hearing the PM whinge and whimper about [...]

Obama’s mic drop? Bullshit on many levels

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Single payer health care? Closing Gitmo? $15 minimum wage? President Barack Obama's mic drop at the end of his speech at the correspondent's dinner was a tad self-congratulatory for a guy who came into an eight year mandate full of hope and change, and who is leaving on a note of [...]

I’m a sue you, says Donald Trump to Ted Cruz, and Cruz says bring it on

TERRANCE GAVAN - CRAP JOURNALIST AND BLOGGER The Donald, a ripe plunderer with the real time moniker of Donald Trump, says he is going to sue Ted Cruz if the Cuban-Amurican-Canadian senator does not quit lying about him. The cease and desist order stems from Cruz's constant haranguing of The Donald, because The Donald is [...]

Trump says he can shoot a guy in Times Square… forcing other candidates to up antes

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR BLOGGER CRAP JOURNALIST "I COULD LIKE SHOOT A GUY IN TIMES SQUARE AND MY POPULARITY WOULD GO UP," says GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Imagine for a second the incredible manoeuvres the synapses must negotiate in order for such absurdity to reach the lips of a thinking human being. What? You can't? [...]

Donald Trump persona non grata in Great Britain? Parliament debates… boot him!

TERRANCE GAVAN - BLOGGER AND CRAP JOURNALIST "Drat and bloody hell" as my good friend Ernest Twinkle-Hyde-bound might muse of a night in the Speckled Dick Pub, in East Tweezenbury on Thyme. The British Parliament had a go at Donald Trump today in the ledge, or as we Lords like to call it: The Commoners [...]