Liberals will build a wall to keep fleeing Americans out of Canada – Liberal convention

9USA residents running from a Trump presidency will be blocked by an electronic wall from entering Canada SEAMUS O'BRADAIGH - O'Bradaigh Matters One of the lesser publicized decisions voted and approved at the recent Liberal Party caucus concerned the construction of a wall that will act as an embargo to American citizens fleeing to Canada to [...]

You should know – Lebron James quotes Shylock to explain his penchant for flopping

"I am a jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a jew hands, organs, dimensions (6'8" 260 lbs), senses, affections, passions?... if you prick me do I not bleed? ... if you brush me with a feather do I not drop like a sack of shite?"  TERRANCE GAVAN Perhaps you saw it on Saturday [...]

Trump okays guns in schools, not in Trump Towers – the Trump interview

Kids Make Smaller targets than fortune 500 billionaires, that's why TERRANCE GAVAN - SHITE JOURNO "Mr. Trump you recently said that you supported having guns in schools, presumably to discourage things like Sandy Hook and you know, Columbine and the suchlike, but yet, you have come out very strong in the banning of all firearms in [...]

You needed to know – Justin Trudeau apologizes for all of his apologies

By Terrance Gavan "I have apologized for my actions and now... I am apologizing for apologizing for my actions," says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who adds that he is taking quite a bit of flak from quite a few Canadians who are just, quite frankly, sick and tired of hearing the PM whinge and whimper about [...]

Netflix scores big with Making a Murderer documentary – best 3 things

TERRANCE GAVAN - BLOGGER AND RABID REFORMER Here's what you need to know about the state of lawlessness in Wisconsin, USA.  Lawlessness is rampant and the real crooks are wearing badges and robes. The 10-part Netflix doc "Making a Murderer" tells us another thing. If you're dumb as a bag of hammers you ain't got [...]

Jon Stewart got it done… three reasons Stewart needs to run for president

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Just when we decided that we did not need Jon Stewart? He gave us a reason. To mourn his absence. He did that last week by offering his presence. Stewart came back. To the Daily Show and to The new Steven Colbert vehicle. He used friends to make a point for the [...]

Dylann Roof’s manifesto states he was "awakened" to white plight by Trayvon Martin case

First, let's be upfront about what happened. Dylann Roof stands accused of murdering nine people in a South Carolina church, but the crime has absolutely nothing to do with religion. It was a crime, premeditated and carried out by a person with a self-expressed loathing of blacks.