Ski Line – the ultimate ski turn bend those legs

I love this video. Not for its pure approach to skiing. But because the tricks are the trick. And if that sounds redundant? It is. I learn best when I am tricked into keeping my noodle out of the equation. Please don't tell me to pressure the downhill ski. I know that's what we do. [...]

Harald Harb and some edge tipping tips

Harald Harb is his own guy. And his tips for skiing like a pro are meant to allow a skier to invest in some time-honored techniques that do not always align with the prescribed teaching ethos of some of our national ski instruction programs. Let's be clear about one thing. Harald could not give a [...]

A funny thing happened on the way to my mid-life crisis

We teach therefore we am. And we am Terry Gavan Skis. Zen prodigy and ski/snowboard Pro. Carving out my niche of Zen Terrance Gavan - Blogger/Ski Pro/Web Designer Back in 1998 I was treated to an epiphany of sorts. On March 20 I ended up in a place on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg [...]