Donald Trump not debating Bernie Sanders after all – Trump would lose

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR It's a fair bet that Donald Trump has never imbibed of the glib thrust of verbal joust either informally or formally. But just because Trump hasn't a farthing's dickie about parliamentary discourse does not mean that he doesn't think he'd be just fine in a parlay avec Bernie Sanders, who with [...]

You needed to know – Justin Trudeau apologizes for all of his apologies

By Terrance Gavan "I have apologized for my actions and now... I am apologizing for apologizing for my actions," says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who adds that he is taking quite a bit of flak from quite a few Canadians who are just, quite frankly, sick and tired of hearing the PM whinge and whimper about [...]

Obama’s mic drop? Bullshit on many levels

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Single payer health care? Closing Gitmo? $15 minimum wage? President Barack Obama's mic drop at the end of his speech at the correspondent's dinner was a tad self-congratulatory for a guy who came into an eight year mandate full of hope and change, and who is leaving on a note of [...]

Antonin Scalia … passing fancy … not a mourning person

SEAMUS O'BRADAIGH - Blogger I'm guessing that Judge Antonin Scalia will be missed ... but I will not be among the people standing by, hand to heart, gun in hand, anti-gay and pro-life sweatshirts caked with the sweat and tears of the righteously pious. Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia was a blight upon advancement, a [...]

Donald Trump persona non grata in Great Britain? Parliament debates… boot him!

TERRANCE GAVAN - BLOGGER AND CRAP JOURNALIST "Drat and bloody hell" as my good friend Ernest Twinkle-Hyde-bound might muse of a night in the Speckled Dick Pub, in East Tweezenbury on Thyme. The British Parliament had a go at Donald Trump today in the ledge, or as we Lords like to call it: The Commoners [...]

Jon Stewart got it done… three reasons Stewart needs to run for president

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Just when we decided that we did not need Jon Stewart? He gave us a reason. To mourn his absence. He did that last week by offering his presence. Stewart came back. To the Daily Show and to The new Steven Colbert vehicle. He used friends to make a point for the [...]