Ski turning – Get rid of that Inner Weirdness says Josh Foster

TERRANCE GAVAN - SKI BLOG Another day another lesson. Why do I learn more by teaching than by doing? I have no idea if that's something zen or if it just means that I indulge frequently in mundane self-analysis. I do know that I bring a certain wonkiness to every lesson. I am a ski [...]

Ski turning and speed control – the essence of finding your comfort zone

TERRANCE GAVAN - SKI BLOG The essence of speed control lies not in the shudder but the roll. Your comfort level is important, in life and on snow. On snow, comfort level is all about managing your expectations and hence, your speed. My life as an instructor ebbs and flows around helping my clients to [...]

Harald Harb Expert Skiing – Don’t Push your skis… Edge your skis

BY TERRANCE GAVAN - IDIOT SAVANT BLOGGER When I teach or when I am demo teaching I always begin my lesson with a tidbit of advice for my skiers. Terrance Gavan is a skier and lover of life. Teaching is doing and instructors need to remember two golden rules. Watch this video and [...]