Working – Not working for us – a treatise on: the job

BY TERRANCE GAVAN - PARDON THE ERUPTION EDITOR When is working not working? When you walk into work with a smile and walk out again with a smile. That's a pretty simple formula. It's de rigueur for most people on the planet. If you like what you do? It ain't work. The problem is we [...]

Obama’s mic drop? Bullshit on many levels

TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR Single payer health care? Closing Gitmo? $15 minimum wage? President Barack Obama's mic drop at the end of his speech at the correspondent's dinner was a tad self-congratulatory for a guy who came into an eight year mandate full of hope and change, and who is leaving on a note of [...]

Netflix scores big with Making a Murderer documentary – best 3 things

TERRANCE GAVAN - BLOGGER AND RABID REFORMER Here's what you need to know about the state of lawlessness in Wisconsin, USA.  Lawlessness is rampant and the real crooks are wearing badges and robes. The 10-part Netflix doc "Making a Murderer" tells us another thing. If you're dumb as a bag of hammers you ain't got [...]

New Guidelines for Terror – ISIS wants to conquer the world, but they can’t

BY TERRANCE GAVAN - EDITOR, BLOGGER, RACONTEUR It's not unprecedented. This megalomaniacal quest for world domination. I think it's been done before. The Khans, The Greats, Napoleon, Adolf and now the Muslim Jihadists. Do you know what a caliphate is? In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special [...]