Braquage or pivot slips key to enhancing short turns on any ski slope

Braquage will improve your skiing technique and you may take that to the bank TERRY GAVAN - SKI BLOGGER & RACONTEUR I am a braquage junkie. And I don't apologize. What is braquage? Good question. Some call it low performance skiing. Some use pejoratives like slippy-slidey or loosey-goosey to, you know, pour passive aggressive scorn on [...]

Alpine Skiing, managing pressure – with grace and perspicacity

TERRANCE GAVAN - SKI BLOGGER & RACONTEUR   Okay, so we all got pressure. And pressure is no fun. Not fun at work and not fun at home and especially not fun when we're out for a slide at our fave ski resort. I don't know about you, but I hate pressure, and I have [...]

Ski turning – Get rid of that Inner Weirdness says Josh Foster

TERRANCE GAVAN - SKI BLOG Another day another lesson. Why do I learn more by teaching than by doing? I have no idea if that's something zen or if it just means that I indulge frequently in mundane self-analysis. I do know that I bring a certain wonkiness to every lesson. I am a ski [...]


TERRANCE GAVAN - SKIER BLOGGER AND MENTOR I tell all my students, especially the beginners, that good skiing is counterintuitive. Terrance Gavan works out of Dagmar Ski Resort in Ontario, Canada. When I lean on skis, or tilt my body, I will either fall... or push my skis away from the direction I am [...]

Alpine Ski Boxing – Lower the Elbow to improve your stance, balance and fluidity

Think of the pole plant as sparring with the mountain TERRANCE GAVAN - GURU AND SAVANT - SASSY SKIER This video from Josh Foster who is a CSIA "pretty darn good skier" (PDGS) and host of Bob Butler's old Pontiac Ski Tips program tells us that a wee-tiny change can improve our skiing and our [...]

Alpine Ski Basics – Five best reasons why modern shaped-skis add grace, comfort and ease

Getting Good, Getting Better and Getting the Mostest from your Skiing Host... TERRANCE  GAVAN - CSIA SKI AND CASI SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR Is there something to be learned? That's a doozie! But the answer is always... and ever... and definitively... YES! I have been skiing since 1968 and I learn something every time I step on [...]

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