Terrance Gavan


An Award-Winning Journalist and Photographer

WordPress Guru and Web Designer

Ski Instructor and Blogger






When the student is ready, the master appears.

~Buddhist Proverb~


Terrance Gavan? He is an eclectic soul . . . A caring human bean . . . A good guy . . . A man with a sense of humor who loves to laugh at life and its many twists, turns, tumult, tribulation and trials. He’s an alpine instructor, web designer, award winning journalist and photographer. We edit video, photo and manuscripts. We do content and design.


I am a part of all that I have met.

~Alfred Lord Tennyson~

WordPress Guru and beta tester for WordPress.com. He started with WordPress back in 2008 and the first website he built in WordPress was a template from Elegant Themes, a company led by Nick Roach, who is an industry leader in the world of WordPress Design paradigms.

If you need a website or you need some content manufacture and editing? Consider us. We do good work at a reasonable price. Friend and family rates always apply.

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